Brief history of the Law of Attraction

New Thinking and Attraction Law

Wikipedia quote:"The New Thought movement (Origins of the Law of Attraction) emerged from the teachings of "Phineas Quimby" in the early 19th century. At the beginning of his life, Quimby was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Unfortunately, the medical treatment did not work and he made a horseback trip to his hometown Lebanon, New Hampshire. He then recovers and recovers, an event that prompts him to study the "influence of the mind on the body". Although he never used the words "Law of Attraction", he explains the concept in the field of health:"Disease is in the mind, because the body is only the house that shelters it, and we value it as its own. Therefore, if your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy through a belief, you can manifest it as a disease, consciously or not. Through my theory or and the truth, I come into contact with your enemy and restore your health and happiness. I do it partly mentally and partly by speaking until I correct the wrong impressions and establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure. Source Wikipedia : Law of Attraction (New thought)

Helena Blavatsky

In 1877, the term "Law of Attraction" appeared a priori for the first time in the pen of Helena Blavatsky, a famous Russian occultist, in her book "Isis Unveiled". It evokes a power of attraction existing between the elements of the mind.

Quotation, translation from English, Isis unveiled Vol. 1 page 338: "Do we need to choose our evidence? First, let us look around us at the material world from the most microscopic atom to the most majestic sun. Well, if you try to embrace in the unity of a simple law all these bodies and their movements, if you seek the word that explains, in this vast panorama of the universe, this prodigious harmony, where everything seems to obey the empire of a single force, you pronounce a word to express it, and you say: attraction!... Yes, attraction, such is the sublime epitome of the science of celestial bodies. You say that through space these bodies recognize and attract each other; you say that they attract each other in proportion to their mass, and in inverse proportion to the square of their distances. And in fact, so far, nothing has contradicted this assertion, but everything, on the contrary, has confirmed a formula that now reigns as sovereign in the EMPIRE OF HYPOTHESIS, and that is why it must now enjoy the honours of an indisputable truism.

Gentlemen, I pay my heartfelt scientific tribute to the sovereignty of attraction. It is not I who would like to obscure the light in the material world that is reflected in the spirit world. The empire of attraction is therefore palpable; it is therefore sovereign; it dazzles us. »

Prentice Mulford

The first one who really stated the Law of Attraction as a general principle was Prentice Mulford (1834-1891). He has been a key player in the development of reflections on the New Thought. Thus he dealt at length with the Law of Attraction, for example, in his essay "The Law of Success" published in 1886-1887.

"Each of your thoughts is a reality, a strength" Prentice Mulford (1834-1891).

It is also necessary to mention other authors of the New Thought (non-exhaustive list) such as Henri de Bois ("Image of God in Man", 1892), and Ralph Waldo Trine (What Everyone Is Looking For, 1896). For these thinkers, the Law of Attraction concerns not only health, but all aspects of life;

quotation/translation of" What All the World's A-Seeking" (Ralph Waldo Trine)
"Every individual life, after reaching a certain age or degree of intelligence, is lived in an environment of its own creation; and this because of this wonderful power, the power of attraction of the spirit that continually operates in all life whether we are conscious of it or not. »

This theme received renewed interest in the 20th century, particularly through a multitude of books. Among them we will mention two major bestsellers: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and "You Can Heal Your Life" (1984) by Louise Hay.

Ronda Byrne and the Law of Attraction

The New Age movement has incorporated ideas from The Law of Attraction, which remains a concept in its own right. He found a worldwide reputation with the release of the film The Secret (2006) then transcribed into a book of the same title in 2007. The film and book received extensive mediacoverage. The book of Rhonda Byrne has been published worldwide in tens of millions of copies. The film can easily be found on the web. Rhonda Byrne emphasizes the thought of people wanting to achieve something, but also the infusion of thought into maximum emotion. The combination of thought and feeling would attract the object of desire. The subconscious mind could control everything that happens around everyone, whether it is positive experiences, such as contacting someone who calls you miles away or negative experiences. It emphasizes the power of the subconscious mind by offering the reader the opportunity to take full control of his thoughts in order to achieve things in life, with the mind, as well as through action.

One of the interests of this film is to highlight the connections between the Law of Attraction and certain properties of quantum physics.

Vadim Zeland

Zeland states in his autobiography that he was a physicist in quantum mechanics and later a computer scientist.

Since 2004, he has written five books in a series entitled "Reality Transurfing", first published in Russia, then translated into English and now available in French.

Its concept suggests the idea of a reality composed of a multitude of variants where events occur in an infinite number of spaces and at the same time. The author describes "transurfing" as a technique of passing from one "branch" of reality to another obtainable by concentrating the energy of thoughts on a variant according to the methodology described. The meaning of his teaching as he defines it is the ability to freely choose a variant of reality at will by establishing conscious control over his intentions and attitude towards the world. In other words, as stated in his books, it is a matter of "ordering" what you want because everything would potentially be "in stock" in the store of the possible.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

It is also worth mentioning here the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks such as "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness" which was on the New York Times' bestseller list in 2008.

Many authors and supporters

of these theories have written or commented on the principles of the Law of Attraction often after having experienced them for themselves. It is not possible to mention all of them here. For those who would like to learn about the complete history of these concepts, which in the coming years will certainly become very well known, it is easy to collect information on the Internet.

What also interests us here is the contribution of quantum physics discoveries to "rationalize" the principles of attraction and to try to better understand how they work. It is by no means a question of giving a scientific basis to the Law of Attraction by using data from quantum physics. It is a question of bringing notions closer together and identifying analogies while waiting for Science to confirm, invalidate and correct according to its future progress.

One thing is certain: you can experiment with the phenomenon to make sure it works when the conditions are right.

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